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Today, it seems, everyone is talking about a trend toward small branches.  But what does this really mean?  How small is “small’?  What should these new branches cost to open?  How do the operating costs and financial performance targets compare to the figures for conventional branches?

At Branch Development Group, we focus on answering these questions.  We can help your financial institution develop and deploy a new generation of branch formats, suited to the changing needs of your customers—and the realities of your local market.

Small branches are not simply scaled-down versions of a conventional floor plan. They operate differently, with distinctive staffing structures, to meet specific strategic objectives, under different financial parameters. We understand these differences, and can help you create your own effective small branch formats.


Talk to us.  Because small branches are different. We’ve tailored our branch planning, design and implementation process to the unique attributes of these projects.  So we can maximize the opportunity small branches create for your organization.

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